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Initial Consultation

During this initial meeting, we’ll discuss the scope of your project, review existing data or files, and address the challenges or requirements you’re facing.  This meeting is at no cost.
In protecting your intellectual property here is a link to our non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Design Development

Having arrived at a clear understanding of your project needs as a result of our initial meeting our skilled designers will get to work using 3D CAD to create a virtual model allowing for evaluation and rapid revisions as the design evolves.  

Rapid Prototyping

Using advanced fabrication techniques to create prototypes to determine form, fit, and function analysis to assist in design choices and manufacturing efficiency.

Reverse Engineering

Using 3D scanning to create digital twins, some applications include design modifications of existing parts, recreation of no longer available parts for antique cars, and digital inventory for just-in-time fabrication. 

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